Monday, April 25, 2011

Photography: Brian's Diorama

Brian has been working on military models (from aircraft to ships, to tanks and more) for about two years now. The following pictures are from one particular diorama he made - complete with a textured snowy landscape. To read more about the story depicted, visit Brian's blog. He has his own pictures there, but I decided to do a little photographic exercise of my own.

Pictures like these were almost impossible for me to take using the fully automatic mode on my camera. In fact, I think I have a couple:

P.S. I've created a separate page for my photography hobby. I won't be posting links on Facebook to each photography post, but you can check them out any time by going to that page or subscribing to my blog. (Or click the "Photography - My Latest Passion" link at the top of the main page.)

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