My family
I grew up in Ontario, Canada, married Steve, a military man, and moved around a lot with him. We now live in Ottawa, Canada's capital.

Along the way, we had four children: Katie, Peter, Emily, and Brian. I spent eleven years as a stay-at-home mom with them, which I thoroughly enjoyed, then pursued a career in communications and public relations, which I also enjoyed.

Our family has a number of mental health concerns, including Asperger Syndrome, depression, anxiety disorder, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder -- so I have a very strong interest in supporting the understanding of and compassion for those with mental illness or psychiatric conditions. I also strive to appreciate joy wherever I can find it.

Health concerns in the fall of 2013 led me to quit my job. My husband, Steve, retires from a 35-year career in the military in July 2014. Together we decided that I would take my retirement at the same time.

Throughout all of these highs and lows, I continued to nurture my interest in all things creative, the latest of which is photography, but I've also done watercolour, needlepoint, stained glass, and beading.

My interest in writing has survived the entire wild ride and recently includes a foray into fiction.

The main themes on the blog are:
  • Family and pets
  • Food
  • Fiction
  • Wellness and health
I will also throw in occasional posts on the following themes:
  • Crafts, photography, decor, home improvements
  • Travel, near and far 
  • Humour 
  • Retirement, career 
  • Reflections 
I love to hear from you and welcome (polite) comments on my posts. 

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