Saturday, April 16, 2011

Intentional Stupidity and Dyslexia (Sort Of)

I usually assume stupidity is accidental. Or maybe it's asininity that I'm thinking of.


I was browsing the local Kijiji and Craigslist listings for DSLR cameras this afternoon and came across this little gem:

First: why would you want two 70 mm lenses? Am I missing something?
Then I thought, that must be one incredible camera to be worth more than $12 million! I assumed it was a typo and that the seller would appreciate being alerted to the error, so I used the Kijiji messager to let him know. He replied:

Well, how about that? He did it on purpose. Because everyone knows that you get more nibbles if you radically inflate your price and give totally vague descriptions of your product!


Moving on ...

While I'm on the subject of cameras, I will confess that I have historically (and hysterically) confused two words: PENTAX and TAMPAX.

These two have nothing to do with each other.
 You can see how that happens, right? And how awkward it is to ask a professional photographer what he thinks of Tampax cameras, right?

I'll stick with Canon and Nikon.


  1. Tampax/Pentax...probably not as embarrassing as the time I went in to the registrars office at Western to sign up for a summer course...asked the nice looking male clerk if I could sign up for an intercourse session (rather than an intersession course)!!

  2. Just happened to be browsing this- that's hilarious, Pat!!


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