Thursday, April 7, 2011

Photo Class: Old

Another photography post. My niece, Diane, found a free on-line photography course, and I decided to jump on the bandwagon, even though I haven't bought my SLR camera yet. So, here we go. The theme for lesson number one is "Old." I considered cheating and using a photo I had already taken:
See what I mean? I've earned every one of those lines.
Also would work for "worried." Do I always look like that?
Instead, I also followed Diane's lead in photographing something heirloom. I decided to snap a few pictures of a droll little porcelain "flower-hat" doll head vase thing [I don't know what to call this!] She was part of Steve's grandmother's cherished collection, and holds a special place in our home.

Unfortunately, my camera was enthralled with the crystal tumblers in the background and kept focusing on them! See?

You may not really be able to see unless you click on it to enlarge.
This is where a manual focus would really help. This one was about the best I could do.

Doesn't she remind you of Mae West?
While I was there, I decided to take a snap of the tumblers I gave Steve for his Golden Jubilee.

I like that one. And I suppose it could even fit the theme since, although they were purchased recently, they do belong to the old man who is my husband! (We suit each other that way.)


  1. Ooo, I like the "head vase" thing! :P Glad you're joining me! It should be fun!

  2. love your ideas for old! these are great! do you have a camera that will let you manual focus or are you using a point and shoot? even some of those have a separate mode that you can set them to in order to manual focus, but it doesn't go to that setting automatically (in fact, neither does any DSLR-you have to set those too). read over your user's manual to see if that's a possibility. thanks so much for joining me!!

  3. Bethany, I'm saving up for a digital SLR. (Mother's Day and my birthday are coming up, but my "old man" may not be feeling too generous right now.)

    My current point-and-shoot doesn't allow manual focus but - at your prompting - I *just* checked all my buttons and dials and FINALLY found the macro setting! Can you believe I've had this camera for almost two years? I took fresh pictures of the head-vase thing and got a couple that I quite like. Thanks for the nudge!


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