Thursday, April 28, 2011

Being Regular is Good for Heart Health

Or so it would seem. I saw this ad on Facebook today.
The first thing that popped into my mind, naturally, was "Why has Facebook stopped showing me male underwear models who are looking for 'mature women who know how to please a man'?"

I guess I'm just moving on from MILK (that's Mother I'd Like to Know) to Metamucil and Geritol. (Did you even know that they still make Geritol? They do!)

ANYWAY. Where was I? Damn Ritalin wears off too early in the evening.

Oh. Yes. Poop and Cholesterol.

I clicked the link because I was fascinated with the idea that Metamucil could treat high cholesterol because, as far as I knew, Metamucil is used to treat constipation or diarrhea and IBS. It is soluble fibre - it dissolves in water - and unlike insoluble fibre like bran or fruit skins, is gentle on your intestines. Insoluble fibre can certainly stimulate a ... erm ... movement, but it is harsh. If you have gut trouble, it can be kind of like eating sharp straw.

(I know a thing or two about this. In fact, the IBS Diet as described at Help for IBS made a huge difference in my life. They recommend acacia powder, which is another soluble fibre. 'Nuff said. If you have similar troubles, do check it out.)

Back to the poop-cholesterol equation. According to the Metamucil website, "Certain kinds of fiber [i.e., soluble] lower cholesterol by absorbing it in the digestive tract and preventing it from entering the bloodstream." It's that simple.

I'm sure there are also health benefits to underwear models in search of mature women. Or, at least, looking at pictures of underwear models who claim to be in search of mature women, but who really want Barbie dolls when it comes right down to it. (I am sometimes a big fan of false advertising.) But since Facebook is no longer offering them up, I may just have to settle for soluble fibre. Yippee.


  1. Yep we learned that in my nutrition class this week. Basically if you are regular and you don't over do it on saturated fats or eat too much in general, you shouldn't have high cholesterol, because excess will come out via the bile in your poo!

    But did you know that your cholesterol can be too low, too! I've learned SO much in my course in just 6 weeks, it's unreal.

  2. I tried to reply to this yesterday, but the power went out ...

    The intricate balance in the human body is quite amazing.


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