Monday, September 5, 2011


Every now and then I check out the statistics for this here blog, out of idle curiosity. I only have 10 followers (Yay! I'm into the double digits!), so it's not like I expect to find that I suddenly have thousands of visitors or anything.

I shared a previous review with you, where I marvelled at the number of visits I get from Russia. Well, they're still coming, though not in the droves they once were.

What I found most interesting in this review was the key words people used in searches that led them to my blog.

spiders in colorado
colorado spiders
writer spider
nasty spider
spiders of ontario
yard spiders
dinner plate spider
nj spiders

What is it with me and spiders? Seriously! I mean, my own blog URL ranked lower on the list than spiders. A total of 66 people came to my blog after searching for the first two combinations on that list.

I can only hope that all those searchers eventually found Kimberly Hosey's blog "Arizona Writer" where she shares her singular experience with black widow spiders. Here's a sneak preview;
Kimberly's self-portrait.
Remind me never to move to Arizona.

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