Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ass Alert

So, I saw this today.
An ass. On a bike. I KNOW!
(I did this in PowerPoint. If I'd used PhotoShop,
I could've made his front legs [paws?] go onto the handlebars.)
Okay, okay, it wasn't an ACTUAL donkey, but it was behaving like one. Remember the delightful route I take to work each day?
The yellow line marks where the curb is.
Well. The road is fine and all, but it really is just wide enough for two North American drivers to navigate safely. There is no room for a bicycle. Instead, there are bicycle paths well away from the road. Safe.

Most cyclists use those paths, but some cyclists — usually wearing "real" bicycle gear with those fancy shirts and shorts — feel it is beneath their dignity to share a lane with other recreational (a.k.a. "slow") cyclists and old people with walkers. So they ride on the road.

Which leads to traffic congestion as cars merge into the left lane to get by the cyclist. And ranting from people like me.

Please note that:
a) I am really pro-bicyclists. I yield when appropriate, watch for them when I'm turning or opening my car door. I'm glad that Ottawa supports them.
b) Can't remember my second point.

Even Steve, who has started biking to work, uses the bike paths. His comment is, "Yes, the paths are longer than taking the road, but what is the point of biking in anyway? Isn't it for the health benefits?" And, frankly, if they knew much about my driving, they would be well advised to give me more room.

Dung beetles.


  1. Yep, biking is goof for my health. But not so much if I get hit by a car. Hence staying on the paths.

  2. I was going to rant about cyclist this week too, but not because of the good ones who are properly prepared aka at least knowing what they are doing in traffic and wearing a helmet. It's the others, weaving in and out of traffic completely ignoring the rules AND with no helmet! I just cannot understand it! Drives me crazy. And what if I were to hit something like that. I'd be at fault somehow, if not because of the law, because I knew I caused someone to get hurt even though the ASS (as you call him/her) is the one really at fault. Ah dilemma, it seriously causes me grief!

  3. I agree, Raeanne. Those cyclists get on my nerves too. I also hate the ones who stop at intersections, but then don't take their feet off the pedals and just wobble.


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