Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Welcome, Fall

Well, it just didn't seem right, having bright, summery colours on my front porch, now that the weather has changed. So while I was at Winners on Sunday, I picked up some fall decorations.
A more autumnal look, but not too kitschy, I think.
Fortunately, the chairs and table still work, I think. (Not sure how they'll look come winter.) Here's what I added.
Three funky pumpkins, including one in brushed aluminum.
A lantern with a battery-operated candle with a timer.
And a dramatic wreath for the door. (The lights are battery-powered.)

And in case you're wondering, the picture in the banner at the top of my blog was on my camera's memory card, but no one remembers taking it. I think it's kind of cool, so I'm using it for a while.

Also, my camera with the "hot pixel" was determined to have a "hot cluster" of pixels. It is on its way to Japan. I will be using my old camera for the next couple of months. Sigh.

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