Thursday, March 10, 2011

Из России с любовью.

(That translates to, "From Russia with Love," and is pronounced, "Iz Rossii s lyubovʹyu." Yah. Didn't help me either.)

Russia? Really?
Reading web statistics for my blog is like having a video camera outside my front door: I can see how many people visited, how long they stayed, what they looked at. I don't take it very seriously because I'm not interested in increasing my audience; I do this because I enjoy it.

Still, there are occasional surprises.

Like yesterday. My blog experienced its highest volume of traffic ever: 88 pageviews. That's more than double what I get on a really good blog post. And 78 of them were from Russia. Which is odd. Steve thinks it may be an espionage tactic. Should I be worried?

Curiously, these statistics are not replicated in my Google Analytics account. There, I see NO visits from Russia, and no unusually high traffic. Isn't it odd?

One thing that hasn't changed is that the all-time most popular post is "Keep yer pants on!" about my embarrassing panty-hose crisis on the way to work one day. The cynic in me suspects that those hits come from people who google images of "girl panties off" saw the one I used and clicked through expecting something kind of raunchy. Sorry to disappoint. Well, not really. Go elsewhere, Uncle Creepy.

The next-most-popular post is the one I wrote about Katie and her octopus tentacle. That's the one with the Greek title, "Λατρεύω την κόρη μου." I have no idea why that would be popular. Perhaps having a Greek title doubled my audience? We'll see how my Russian traffic fares now that I have a Russian title, too.


  1. I enjoy checking out my stats too! I was momentarily surprised to see "United Arab Emirates" on mine last week, before realizing my parents were in Dubai (I knew they were, just wasn't thinking for a moment). I've had some pretty interesting places, like Myanmar, but that's mostly thanks to lucky traveling friends. I also find it interesting to see what search queries brought people to my page. Sometimes it's things that have nothing to do with my blog! Or they're just weird searches. For example, one search that led to my blog is, "when do kids gladiolus blooming tele for gna". What does that even mean!?

  2. I saw UAE on mine as well, and did a double take.

    What is a "gna"? One of my most popular search terms is "nightmare crumbling teeth."


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