Monday, March 7, 2011

One Little Kitten Has Lost Her Mitten

Isn't that a cute little gadget? I suspect most Canadians will know what it is, but none of my American friends did: it's a mitten and hat dryer. Just position it over a heat vent, plunk your hat or mitts on it, and let the furnace do its work (while humidifying your house).
Here's what one looks like in use.
And here's what one look like when your cat decides that her warmth is every bit as important as dry winter wear.

Silly, happy cat.
Now I know why it is always off kilter.
Photo by Brian


  1. Our cat Belle, loves to lie directly on top of the vent in the living/dining room. She likes to hog all the heat!

  2. That looks hilarious!! And it looks down right uncomfortable!


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