Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Snowy Day

The snow melted, the rain came, and everything looked dirty and grey. But as the sun rose, we were greeted with a fresh blanket of heavy, white crystals, and I realized that I had not yet captured our forest in wintertime. So I grabbed my coat, boots and camera - and then I grabbed the SLR camera - and ventured into the mild winter day.

The SLR pictures, of course, will have to be developed ... no instant gratification there. In the meantime, I have these. Next week, we can compare what the two cameras achieved. Note: these pictures have all been modified at

Wading Pool:
Waiting for Summer
(I love the vintage feel of this effect.)

Dad looks tired, but the kids look very happy.
We've admired that treehouse ever since we moved here.

Now, for those of you who are interested, here are some "before and after" shots, to show you what I've done to the pictures. 
This is SO fun! What do you think? Better before? Or better after?

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