Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our little piece of heaven

A big part of why we bought this house, rather than the many other (larger) homes we saw, was the park that is right across the street. This park has the usual things: baseball diamonds, basketball hoop, wading pool, butterflies. (No, those aren't butterflies in the picture, just yellow leaves.)

But even better than that (look to the very back of that picture), it has a forest! A beautiful forest, laced generously with mulch-softened paths, and dappled with green-tinted sunlight. So beautiful!

It even has bridges, which, like windows, are always a captivating image for me, as transitional spaces between here and there, between now and the future.
And these beautiful little plants that grow about four inches high. Are they a kind of fern? I don't know, but they remind me of miniature pine trees.

It's a magical place, which I look forward to exploring in all seasons.


What did you think? Any comments?

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