Monday, August 9, 2010

Reconcilable differences?

I am drawn to organic lines. Like this ethereal wrought iron gate by artist blacksmith David Robertson:

My dining table? Round. My living room furniture? All angled around a round coffee table. Curves - I really like them. (Also have them, and that's a good thing.)
I am not a big fan of rectilinear: They feel "prickly" to me, cold, not cosy. It's not that I don't see the beauty in contemporary design, like the landscapes by H2O
Their work is breathtaking. It's just not my style. It doesn't invite me to touch. I don't find it as relaxing.
So how do I reconcile my desire for organic lines in our backyard, as in my sketched-out vision (nary a straight line in sight, except for the property lines and house, of course):

with the need for a rectilinear fence all the way around that curvy shape? We'll just have to see what my landscaper and I can come up with. I just really hope it doesn't end up looking like this: Could they make that lovely pool look less inviting? Don't think so. (And maybe that's part of their safety program.) Note: that picture is from Protect-a-Child fence system in Toronto. The fence is meant to be removed whenever the pool is in use. Right, like I'm going to take down a fence every time we want to go swimming!

So that's what I'm mulling over today: reconciling curves and straight lines, safety and esthetics.

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