Monday, August 9, 2010

What the heck is going on here?

Continuing on my theme of "things Wynn Anne despises most," I offer you this picture of what greeted me when I stepped outside this afternoon.

What the hell is that? Are there any entomologists out there who can tell me what exactly is happening at that ant hill? Is it being attacked by another colony? Is it celebrating the 9th of August? (Hey, could be a much-celebrated ant holiday - you don't know!) Are they splitting up to form a new ant colony?
Whatever it is, could they please do it in someone else's backyard? Or at least in a far corner of mine? They're freaking me out!
(Pardon the crappy video quality. I took it with my regular camera, not a video camera. Still can't figure out how to work that darned thing.)

Here's a close-up:


  1. LOL you have more bugs in the city than I have in the country. Canadian Tire sell little pellets to get rid of earwigs and other small crawlings bugs.

    My house was FULL of earwigs. My mother gave me some of those pellets. I put just 2 under the fridge, 2 under the stove, 2 to 4 at each door and each window. And immediately NO MORE BUGS...


    PS: you can put some also near that ant nest.

  2. They are drones = rare, male ants. They are raised in a colony and then kicked out. Their purpose in life is to go to another ant colony and share their DNA by mating with the Queen. then they die.

  3. Nicole - are the pellets safe around cats?


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