Saturday, August 14, 2010

Good-bye, tree.

Well, I finally spoke to the City's inspector for pool enclosures. I sent him a picture of our tree/fence dilemma, and he agreed with me that the tree was too climbable. We would have to build our fence a few feet in from the silver maple. At which point the part of the tree that is on our side of the property line (but on the other side of the fence) would be a climbing hazard, and we would have to build our fence some 15 feet inside the property line (because of how our tree hangs over).

So, with much sadness, we decided to cut down our half of the tree. Here she is before the carnage:

And here are the two cute, young tree fellers, talking all macho-like about the chainsaw:

Some in-progress shots:

And all that's left:

So sad to see her go. We'll think of the tree as we burn this wood a couple of years from now. (Yeah, a silver lining from the story of the silver maple.)


  1. :( It's always sad to see a tree come down, but at least half of it is still there!
    The other half will still survive, right?

  2. Yes, it should survive. We're actually doing a little more work on the stump (increasing the slope of the cut, so the water runs off) to decrease the chances of the tree becoming sick.

  3. Looks like he went out on a limb to help you!

    For the good looking guys, were you thinking "be Stihl my heart"?

    It's expensive getting those guys to cut down trees, but they do it safely!

  4. Haha. Yeah, they weren't cheap, but they did a good job and cleaned up all the mess, too.

    ["Be Stihl my heart." Snicker.]


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