Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anniversary 26b

As with many military couples, Steve and I have not one, but two anniversaries: the date we were officially (legally) married, and the date when we had the big shebang. Lucky me! I get anniversary celebrations in April, and one in August. And, yes, we celebrate both.

So this morning I woke up to find flowers and chocolate at my breakfast place, and tonight we went out for dinner at The Keg Manor, formerly the Maple Lawn Café. We had a really amazing dinner, then strolled the lush gardens before coming home. Yup. It was a good day.

(And I wasn't attacked by a single insect, though I screamed loudly enough at TWO yesterday that I woke my teenagers from deep slumber.)

And now I leave you with this high-brow anthem, which shall forever ring in my ears upon hearing the words, "Happy Anniversary."
Update: thanks to Diane for helping me figure out the video sizing.


  1. Um, if YOU know how to embed a YouTube video without it being truncated oddly, please post a comment with instructions. Thanks!

  2. How annoying... I totally responded to this a few days ago but I guess it never posted!

    So, when you're on the YouTube video page underneath the video there is a button that says . Click on it. A number of "options" will appear including whether or not to include a border, what color you want it to be, and SIZE. I choose the smallest size, but you can also input custom settings for height and width (I have no idea what a good size would be). Once you've made your choices just copy/paste the code into your post. (The code updates as you make different selections). Hope that helps!

    Happy 26B Anniversary!!

  3. Haha, ok, so apparently putting carrots (like this <) around a word makes it not appear.... there is a button that says "embed" with carrots around it that you can click on.

  4. Hey, thanks for checking back to see if your comment posted. I'll update my video.
    (I think the "<" and ">" symbols are called carets - same pronunciation.)

  5. Lol, I tried looking it up to check because I wasn't sure... I guess there are plenty of people who misspell it like me!


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