Monday, September 8, 2014

Seen in Passing

Mysterious triangles
Everywhere I go, lately, I seem to find messages left by people who trod the path before me. For example, I showed you the street art that adorns the vacant school down the street from us. Right now I'm kind of fascinated by the triangle in the picture above.

It is one of several triangles carved into the slate bottom of Pinecrest Creek, which is where I often walk Kane. The carvings were not visible during winter and spring, when they were covered under snow or water. In fact, I didn't notice them until the day I decided to wade out into the stream with Kane.

This is what this section of the creek usually looks like as I pass by.

You can see the lighter-grey slab of shale/slate at middle-left of the picture.
If I had not waded out onto that slab, I would not have seen the carvings. Since noticing them last month, I've gone back several times. Here's a little video. I counted nine of these carvings.

Pretty cool, eh? I wonder what they are? Ancient art? Stone graffiti?

I also walked past this little mitten several times last winter.

It may look like it's suspended in mid-air, but it's actually hanging on the twig. 

It's not unusual to find lost items hanging on twigs or fences waiting to be claimed. In fact, it was that act of kindness that recovered my lost snow-cleat. The mitten is no longer there, so I hope its owner found it.

And this street art on a bicycle path made me smile.

I first saw this shortly after the death of Robin Williams.
There are things like this all over the place. Signs that someone else has been here before me. Messages left for me -- or someone else to find.

Some of them are not as explicit as the "You are loved" message, but I am excited to find each of them. Who knows what I'll find next?

Have you found any messages like these? And do you have any clue as to what the triangles mean?


  1. what a great idea to photograph all these strange and wonderful sights! I am going to try and be more aware when I am out and about. The triangles are very cool. I wonder how one could find out about them?

    1. I don't know! I've tried googling every combination of keywords possible, and that didn't help.


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