Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Oh, Interwebs!

I think Salvador Dali would actually appreciate this.
I'm going to try a new thing: a weekly round-up of things I've found online that make me smile, cry, laugh, think, shout, or drop my jaw. 


What do you do when you see it coming? Alzheimer's diagnosis takes centre stage for Spirit of the West frontman.
“You’re on tenterhooks, hoping that he’s going to have a good night, because if he has a good night, then we can have a good night,” Mr. Ditrich says. “Because he’s always been our Gretzky, right? He’s always been the guy you can count on in the dying minutes of the game to put the puck in the mesh.”


Photos from the Days When Thousands of Cables Crowded the Skies.

And the stunning thing is that there's no way there are fewer wires now. They're just all buried underground.


I used to play The Sims a lot. In fact, I'm pretty sure the power-hungry game contributed to the demise of at least two of my laptops. So I haven't played it in years, but it was an addictive game in an I'm-all-powerful-and-all-seeing sort of way. It also allowed me to play interior decorator! Evidently, Ian Roach felt the same way and managed to combine his love of The Sims with his love of Friends and has recreated the apartments and characters from that show!

See more pictures of his Friends design, as well as other shows like Seinfeld and Golden Girls, on Ian's Imgur page.

On a related note (but not the same blogger):
Found on 
Like I said: it appeals to my God complex.


Ah, sibling rivalry. In some families it can get really, really complicated. Erin Zwiener shares her list of Preconditions for Diplomacy Between Siblings: A Visit Contract. (The Brother sounds like an asshole.)
"The Sister acknowledges that interaction between the Brother and the Sister has degraded to the point of open hostility, and other family members (parents, siblings, cousins) are being caught in the crossfire. The Sister desires a peaceful relationship and would like to discuss terms to minimize this conflict before it escalates into a full-scale confrontation. However, negotiations in the past have devolved into diplomatic incidents and military engagement. To the end of achieving a lasting peace, the Sister sets for these preconditions for talks with the Brother."
That's it for this week!


  1. So sad about the Spirit of the West singer... to not even be able to remember the amazing lyrics he has written over his career.
    the sight of those cables in the air IS scary, but I think I am possible more afraid that we are possible Walking OverTop of that many cables all the time! Yikes.

    1. Yah, those cables are crazy! If you've ever seen a modern building being wired for internet, etc., it is unbelievable how much cable there is.


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