Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winter Mist

We are having another cold snap. As in: sweet cinnamon beavertails, that's cold! The thermometer on our front porch read -45 C. Which can't possibly have been true.

When I looked outside and saw steam rising from the sewer vents, I knew I had to get down to the Ottawa River and snap some pictures for you of the mist rising off the frigid water. I was not disappointed.

I took Kane with me, of course. That dog behaved as if it were a pleasant spring day. He is completely immune to the cold, it seems.

Most of the river is frozen, except here, where there are rapids. Kane would gladly have leapt into the water. I was having none of that.

I'm not fond of cold weather, but I do think winter makes up for it by offering up some spectacular scenery!

Isn't it mesmerizing? Even with all my layers, I was starting to go numb, so we made a quick U-turn back to the car.

Would you look at that? Winter can even make a parking lot look pretty!

When we got home, the thermometer on our front porch was reading -19C, which seems more reasonable. Kane seemed satisfied enough with his excursion that he lay down for a good nap.

What's your favourite season? Are you a lover of winter?


  1. I love those pics. I love winter, though not so much with the -45.

    1. Oh, I hear you! You were smart to get away for some tropical sunshine!


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