Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lazy Bones

On my way home

I'm guest posting over at I, MayB today. It's a repost from something I shared here last fall, so you may recognize it, but I think it was worth reading again. Why not pop over and see the other witty things she has to offer?

Have you noticed how travelling just sucks the energy out of you?

I got home from Regina late Saturday night after taking the milk run: Regina-Edmonton-Calgary-Ottawa. Ordinarily, I keep my connections to a minimum, but this time I had a choice between that and getting up at four in the morning. (Have I mentioned that I am not a morning person?)

Fortunately, all the flights were on time and there was plenty of layover time at each connection. I even had time to write a blog post and have a leisurely lunch. And I checked my bags so I could get around easily. So it was not stressful.

But, boy, when I finally got home and hit my bed, I crashed. I slept for a good ten hours, then had a nap, and still went to bed at the right time that night. The next day, I did as little as physically possible. I even skipped Kane's walk (he had a good run with Steve in the morning) and served leftovers for dinner.

Today, I'm feeling better and will get back to a more normal routine, something I'm sure Kane will enjoy. As will I.

How about you? Do you bounce right back? Do you have any tricks?

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