Monday, January 27, 2014

My 23 favourite pictures from 2013

Oh, my do I enjoy taking pictures! It's becoming a bit of an obsession, having outlasted several other hobbies and interests I've had over the years. So, here we go -- my favourite pix from 2013.

What makes them "favourites"? In each of these pictures there is something about it that makes me want to look at it again and again.

(P.S. In my first draft of this post, I used the word "love" about 23 times. Those of you interested in writing may be interested to see how I edited to say the same thing in different words without being awkward.)

Produce from the organic food basket we had delivered weekly.
I am drawn to the colours in the food basket.

Our beach, beautiful, even in winter.
I remember the serenity of the beach and the idea of visiting a "summer" place in winter, "away from the madding crowd."

My niece, Melissa, with her fiance, Elvis
I was so happy with how this picture turned out! They are so happy together and weren't planning to do an engagement shoot, so we spontaneously took a few pictures during a family gathering.

Giant's Causeway, in Northern Ireland
This picture is not a spectacular work of art, but does mark a memorable moment of 2013: visiting a landmark that I had always wanted to see.

Creamy cheese in an open market in Ireland
Oh, how the light makes the cheese look so edible. The market was a photographer's delight! Heck, Ireland itself was a photographer's delight!

Ring of Kerry shrine
Sometimes, the composition draws me. (I would like to edit the above picture so there's a little more light on her face, but I love it even as is.

I am captivated by clouds and storms. (Preferably when I have a warm, dry place to hide.) The light in this picture is mesmerizing.

 Sometimes the scenery is just so perfect . . .

Absolutely scrumptious fish & chips
 I do have a fondness for photographing food.

Trinity Library, home of the Book of Kells

Ah, those clouds!

I love the light and simplicity in this picture.

This one just made me laugh. The sheep were quite oblivious to our bus.

This picture almost lets you touch the texture of this headstone.

I didn't take this picture, but it's one of my favourites nevertheless.

You're probably sick of seeing this father-of-the-bride picture about now, but I think I never will be.

Aside from loving this little dog, I'm also happy that I captured the mood in this picture.

Again, the subject is dear to me, but I also like the warm tones and focus of this picture of Scooter.

My flower garden means I get to have fresh flowers in my house all spring and summer, and look at pictures of them through the cold months. Flowers also make delightfully stationary subjects for a photographer to practice with. (Maybe that's why I also like food photography.)

Old architecture is so beautiful, and I especially love the light streaming through these windows.

Over Christmas, I did a lot of food photography, and was very happy to see that I'm making progress. The challenge has always been to get enough light and to get just the right depth of field (i.e., what's in focus and what's blurry). I've also started paying more attention to "staging" -- all the background and surroundings in a food photograph.

I could look at this one every day just for the fact that it makes me laugh. I also like the focus and lighting.

My favourite kitty cat. It's hard to get a good picture of her when she's moving, so I was pleased with this result.

It was quite a year. And here we are, almost with January this year!

Do you take pictures? Do you have faves? What do you do with them? (I add mine to my desktop slideshow and screensaver, so I get to see them again and again.)

Are any of my pictures amongst your favourites?


  1. I love the one of you and Steve! I really love the one of K.B. and her father- the emotion you captured is so beautiful!
    And I have to say I could just eat the lemon body scrub even though I'm sure it would taste awful. Those colors are delectable!

    1. I know - the lemon scrub really does look edible, doesn't it? That picture was sort of a happy accident. I was tired of our dark countertop, so I tossed down a (dirty) dish towel and put the jars on that. It turned out to be really yummy and happy.

  2. My favorite, like Diane, is the one of you and Steve (even though you didn't take it). You look so happy together. I also like the solitary window (the one with the bowl on the ledge) looking out onto nature. It seems so restful. The other one is that lovely white rose in your flower garden. You also did an indoor arrangement in the winter (maybe the year before) of white tulips with red berries (I think) and green foliage. It was striking.

    I like to take pictures and have taken a photography course but didn't quite grasp all the techniques. Of course, one has to practice, and I didn't do that. :) Right now I love capturing pictures of my grandsons. Diane does a wonderful job of that and keeps me well updated. I also like getting interesting pictures in nature (kind of like my sun dog pics today).

    1. Yes, I do remember the tulips and red berries - it would've been a favourite from 2012, I think.

      You're right about the practice. I've gotten pretty comfortable with some settings, but taking pictures of moving subjects (like kids and pets) is still hit-and-miss. Except when I use a flash, which I don't really like to do, but I'm thinking of taking a class so I can do it without creating those harsh shadows.

  3. Gorgeous pictures. The picture of the bowl in the window. GORGEOUS. GORGEOUS.

    1. The funny thing is, at the time I took the picture, I thought: what the heck am I taking a picture of? But I'm glad I did.


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