Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wellness is the Word

One of the other bloggers in the Canadian bloggers group on Facebook asked us (other bloggers, that is) if we had chosen a word for 2014, something to build a theme around in our lives and on our blogs.

It did not take me long to choose one: wellness.

To me, this means not just physical health but also spiritual and mental health. It speaks to harmony between the different facets of my life. After skidding off the rails last fall, I've regrouped and am making small changes to bring myself back to a condition where I can enjoy my life.

Here is the graphic I made up that expresses my approach to wellness.

The journey to wellness can only be taken
one day and one step at a time.

It is an approach that frustrates me (I want everything to happen RIGHT NOW!) but which is realistic and ultimately will, I believe, reap the greatest results.

I've already written about the four daily goals that I think will help (walk every day, meditate, do yoga, and eat well), but I'm also doing other things:
  • reducing dependence on medications (I've already cut out three),
  • getting treatment for my allergies, 
  • looking for part-time or consulting work rather than full-time, 
  • volunteering with a mental health organization in Ottawa, and 
  • exploring my interest in creative and non-fiction writing.

Rather than having a particular goal (like writing a book by the end of the year), I have a focus: to direct my path towards wellness.

Do you have a word that will motivate you this year?

(By the way, that picture was taken in the forest across from our home. I hope to have a dog to join me on walks there very soon.)

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