Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday Coffee Chat: When I was so much younger than today.

Me with one of my brothers (Doug? Harvey?) in 1963
One of the blogs I follow, Time Out for Mom, hosts a Tuesday Coffee Chat which invites other bloggers to write on a specific theme. I decided to join the fun today. The prompt was: If you could be any age again, for one week, what age would you be? My choice would be toddler, and here's why.


I just love naps. No doubt I drove my mother crazy when I was a toddler and refused to stay still (as all toddlers do at some point), but I love the idea of a nap being a requisite and expected part of the day.


I would love to just have someone else make all the decisions and do all the work while I come along for the ride. Just feed me, bathe me, give me some toys, and put me to bed. Done.

My friend Maryanne shared this delightful farm tableau created by her toddler.

Oh, the hours and hours of amusement to be gleaned from cheap plastic toys made in China! In contrast, grown-up toys, like cameras and sports equipment, are expensive and fragile, 

Braless Comfort

Confession: since I retired, I only wear a bra when I have to, i.e., when I'm leaving the house or we're having company. I have never found a bra that provides good support while remaining comfortable. :(

I covet this outfit. Every piece of it.
Roomy Clothing

Since we're on the subject of comfort, I also love the way toddlers dress. No one tells them to "define the waist" or "suck it in." Soft belly? You get zerberts, not a Spanx!

What could be better than a nap AND a stroller ride?


You're thinking it; I'm saying it: Life is too much work. Wouldn't it be sweet to just lie back and let someone else convey you to your next destination? Strollers for the win!

Lower Expectations

When you're a toddler and spill food down the front of your shirt, everyone expects it. Does a toddler ever think, "Oh, crap. Now I have to go put on a clean shirt and pre-treat this stain"? Nope. The toddler is more likely to pull that shirt up to his mouth and suck that noodle and sauce down his gullet. Like a smart little person. (Don't waste food!)

Oh, I could go on and on. Flawless skin. Piggy-back rides. Peek-a-boo. Someone to rock you to sleep. Unrestrained tantrums. (Come on. You know you would love to have one of those!)

Over to you: what age would you like to be?


  1. I am On Board with you!!!
    you pretty much sold me at Naps!! LOL
    but it would certainly be nice to dodge responsibility and be carefree for a week. Eat PB&J and dried Cheerios all week! LOL
    but honestly -- the no bra has to be the best part. I mean, I don't even leave my house after 7pm most nights because the bra comes off by then! Ha

    1. Haha! Yah, I could have stopped at naps. I wear a 34DDD and, let me tell you, it takes serious structure to support those things. But, at age 52, without the bra, they tend to be closer to my navel than my neck. :P

  2. Replies
    1. Exactly. Thanks for visiting and commenting. :)


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