Monday, March 16, 2015

The Gratitude Habit

After the snow.
Last year, I joined a number of friends to take part in the "100 Happy Days" challenge: for each of 100 days, we shared a picture of something for which we were grateful. After the first 100 days, I decided to keep sharing because, well, it just felt good. After a while, I stopped posting pictures, but believe me, I haven't lost the "gratitude habit."

I still find myself either literally or figuratively snapping a picture of something that makes me happy.

Like this girl's crazy pony tail.

How could you fail to smile when looking at this joyful hairdo?

Or the beauty of the world after a light snowfall?

Even if you are done with winter, that light brushing of white is uplifting. So delightful that it warranted two pictures here.

And I can't help but revel in our dog's mastery of the heel command.

And the fact that our dog and cat are getting along well enough to eat beside each other!

Didn't think this would ever happen.

And this picture in my aunt's guest bedroom.

And waking up well-rested.

What's not to love?

Life is good.

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