Sunday, March 8, 2015

International Women's Day

My heroes.
I love that International Women's Day celebrates the vital roles of women all over the world, but I get a little perturbed when I see that so many of the women we celebrate are women who are "breaking barriers" which is a euphemism for women who have succeeded in male-dominated fields, the technologies and sciences.

We see images like this.

They are powerful women, "gender avengers."

But what about the mothers, the creators, the nurturers, the peacemakers? How about women who received the Nobel prize for Peace?

And what of women who fill the traditional roles? The millions of women in female-dominated fields who plod away, earning 75% (or less) of what their male counterparts earn?



Daycare workers



The caregivers


I miss Nang and Pam. 


These women do not rock the world or forge new paths; they don't make headlines. But they keep our world turning. They touch our lives in small ways that make big differences over time. They are us.

Yay, us!

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