Friday, December 26, 2014

Oh, Interwebs!

snowtime from Иванов Вячеслав on Vimeo.

Hat tip: IFL Science

Welcome to my periodic round-up of things I've found online that make me smile, cry, laugh, think, shout, or drop my jaw. 


I love this pope, and I really love this message.

I think shower-time may be the only time most people meditate, hence so many "shower thoughts." The picture at left is just one. Read more at


Check out my Google+ year in review. Lots of pictures from this blog.


This powerful memorial to the Hungarian Jews who, in the winter of 1944-1945, were shot on the banks of the Danube River by the members of the Arrow Cross Party.


Finally! A solution to those close talkers or other idiots who invade my bubble!
Do people have a tendency to get a little too close for your comfort? If you want a little help protecting your personal space, then fashion-tech designer Anouk Wipprecht has a dress for you


Do not wish away the moments with your loved ones, however difficult they may seem.
Sure, the current stage is difficult.  They’re all difficult.  They’re also amazing, unique to each child, and they’ll never happen again.
Be there. Be present. Be aware.

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