Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Forest Follow-Up

The ground in this photo should be covered in snow, but it's not. Instead there is a swath of mulch where the City took down trees in our small forest, in an effort to stop the emerald ash borer from completely decimating the green space.

As we headed out on our walk today, Steve suggested I bring my camera to document the forest as a follow-up to my post earlier this week. I had not yet seen the extent of the damage.

I was shocked. I knew they were planning to cut down more than a hundred ash trees. But I didn't realize that so many of the mature trees were ash.

The entire forest floor looked like it had been chewed up and spat out.

I don't recall ever seeing (or noticing) the back of this house before.

Just a few of the several piles of felled trees.

Steve spoke with one of the workers earlier and he said that the trees will be turned into compost. I guess the ash borer can't survive once the tree is no longer alive.


  1. Well at least the forest floor will get nutrients from all that mulch. and it's good that the dead trees will become compost -- giving back to the earth. But still so sad that such destruction had to happen in the first place. I hope they get better at treating the trees from now on.

    1. Yup, it's just a slightly accelerated life-cycle. But I went through the forest again today and cannot believe the collateral damage -- they drove huge logging trucks through the forest, where the path used to be quite narrow. It makes me really look forward to spring, when the undergrowth can fill in.


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