Friday, April 4, 2014

Travel Togs

I'm travelling to Toronto today, to meet up with my adorable cousin, Marcia. (Seriously, she is adorable, and was once described aptly as being like a puppy. Still applies, even though she is now 50-ish years old. She also happens to be a groundbreaking researcher and medical doctor without coming off as the least bit pedantic or condescending.) We're going to have a slumber party!
But I digress.

That picture of Britney shows how I wish I could dress when I travel: sloppy, baggy, comfy, with no attention to hair or make-up. (Her make-up looks like morning-after raccoon eyes.) The same look you'd put on to take the garbage to the curb, hoping no one you know happens to see you.

However, I have found that, unless you are an internationally recognised celebrity, people will treat you better if you step it up a notch, so I usually end up in something more like this.

Much better, isn't it? Still casual, but pulled together. Today, I'm wearing a loose tunic-top and heavy leggings with polished boots and a pretty scarf. 

I've also taken the time to put on make-up, which I don't do every day, now that I'm retired (happy dance!), and put my hair in a messy top knot instead of my lazy ponytail. I think I look okay. Though I'm second-guessing the hair. It's a little more "messy" than "top knot."

But, boy, do I envy the sweatpants and just-jumped-out-of-bed make-up.


  1. I welcome the chance to get a little "spiffed" up when leaving the house. When I am home all day, yes confession time - I have been know to just stay in pj's or yoga wear. I mean - no one sees me! the kids are at school, the hubby is at work. But, I still am about comfort. Your outfit sounds perfect. And I like the hair. Mastering the messy bun is tricky -- but I think it still always ends up looking messy chic.

    1. My ideal day is staying in pyjamas all day. Don't get to do that anymore, now that I have Kane!


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