Monday, April 14, 2014

Things are heating up.

Maytag double oven - Wynn Anne's Meanderings
New (used) range
We've been living without a proper oven for the past three and a half months, since the electronic controls died in December.

This has only been possible because we have a counter-top convection oven. You may recall this picture from my post about "doing without and making do":

Le Creuset skillet in countertop oven | Wynn Anne's Meanderings
It just occurs to me that my favourite pot is in most of my kitchen pictures.
I should get product-placement payments from Le Creuset 
I could have gone on indefinitely, even though baking a birthday cake meant I had to do each layer separately -- which means twice the time and probably twice the energy. But even Steve had enough.

I had procrastinated because there is a remote possibility that we will renovate our kitchen once Steve retires (and therefore can do the labour). If that happens, we may convert to a wall oven, rather than a range.

But, realistically, that won't happen for at least a year, and I really don't want to continue with our sub-optimal solution for a year or more.

So on Saturday, I checked Kijiji and found an older model (2005) double-oven range for $300. We brought it home on Sunday. It's not perfect (I wish it were stainless steel with a dark top instead of white), but it seems to work just fine, and I'm really happy with the second oven, rather than the stupid drawer that our other ovens have had. (Do those drawers ever pull out smoothly for anyone else? I detest them!)

It's been years since I bought a used appliance, but I kind of like the idea. And it still feels excitingly new to me. I am, however, keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't roll over and play dead too soon.


  1. I loved the idea of having the two ovens in one. I would rarely use that feature except for cooking large holiday meals, but it would be so nice not to waste gas/power heating a huge oven when cooking small things.
    Funny story in relation to oven drawers. Ours is actually a broiler, not a storage drawer. It's not common, but I've seen it a few times before. We happened to have our neighbors over for dinner one night and since we live in a "cookie cutter" neighborhood of houses built by the same builder at the same time they were comparing/contrasting our kitchens. The husband asked if our oven's broiler worked. I said yes, but it's weird having it at the bottom like that. He and his wife gave each other a strange look so I asked, "do your pans get really hot?" "YES!" they both exclaimed. They had been storing their baking pans in the broiler thinking it was a storage drawer.

    1. That's so funny! Did they not notice the element at the top of the drawer? I guess, if it was the lower one, it would be easy to miss.


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