Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pain in the A$%

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One of the reasons I quit my job last fall was joint pain. In my hands, feet, hip, shoulder . . . it sort of migrated from one week to the next. I had hoped that the more relaxed lifestyle since then -- especially the daily long walks with Kane -- would alleviate much of that joint pain. Alas, I was wrong.

About three weeks ago, my hip started to flare up again (it had been bad in the fall). I resumed taking Ibuprofen three times a day, but kept up all my regular activities, including painting the bathroom, which involved a great deal of squatting.

Each time I squatted, knelt, or sat, I would carefully adjust my hip and my right foot (the big toe was also acting up), do the job, then gingerly lift myself back up. I felt like a geriatric!

But I was convinced that if I just pushed through the discomfort, it would all resolve itself. Indeed, walking was not a problem -- I could, and did, walk for hours. It was the squatting or sitting down and getting up again that was problematic.

It got worse instead of better, so I tried a day of (mostly) bed rest. It was worse the next day. I saw the doctor who agreed that I should keep moving and prescribed physio and massage therapy, as well as prescription-strength anti-inflammatory. (We had tested for rheumatoid arthritis in January; it came back negative, so this is likely just plain old osteoarthritis.)

I went home, took a pill, then took Kane for his walk. I was fine until he pooped and I had to squat to clean it up. (If the ground had been dryer, I might have knelt or sat.) I made it down, grabbed the mess, and, as I pushed myself back up again, I felt a kind of SPROING! followed by intense pain.

I breathed slowly and continued walking, hoping that the spasm would work itself out. It didn't, so we returned home. I took a hot bath, then hauled out my heating pad and put myself on bed rest for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

This morning, it is much better. I have declared squats off-limits until the hip is better, and will continue with other activities as much as possible.

But, oh, how this whole thing makes me feel old!


  1. Not good. I am sorry to hear this. Hip and knee problems are no fun. Avoid vacationing in countries with "squatter" toilets.

    1. Oh, mercy! I intend to avoid "squatter" toilets in any case. Though I suppose that limits a good deal of my potential destinations. :/

  2. I'm so sorry to hear this, chronic pain is so overwhelming. Not only is it painful, it plays major head games. Feel better! xo

    1. Indeed, chronic pain is exhausting and demoralizing. I will be so glad to see the end of this.

  3. Oh man, am I right there with you. I keep pushing through hoping it will get better. Hope you mend soon!

    1. If pushing through isn't working, a little horizontal rest, with a heating pad, might.


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