Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Doggy Hijinks

Kane's "pot of gold."
(By the way, I did not Photoshop that rainbow. I happened to be shooting toward the light.)
A few weeks ago, I posted the story of Kane's hide-and-go-seek game with his rawhide bone. The game continues.

Kane hides his bone. I leave it there for a few days, then I give it to him again. Each time, he looks at me with puzzled confusion. Then he does this:

Then he just sits there, gazing longingly at the bone.

After I walked away, he finally picked it up and asked to be let outside.

A minute or three later, I looked out, however, and saw this:

Yup. He was digging a hole in our recently exposed flower bed. I called him inside. He dug up the bone and came in with it all covered in dirt. I rinsed it off and gave it back to him.

So he hid it again.

Come on, Kane. It's like you aren't even trying!

He went out for a run with Steve and when he came back, the first thing he did (after drinking some water) was to make sure the bone was still there and then try to "cover it" with "dirt" (i.e., paw at the floor). This dog. He just cracks me up.


  1. I love his pure delight and unbounded excitement when you show him the bone again! The photos of him staring at the bone perfectly capture his attachment to it, too.

    1. It's so funny. He doesn't do this with any other toys or treats. There is clearly something special about this bone.


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