Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pretty Pictures: Winter

Britannia Beach in winter
Though I am well and truly ready for winter to END, I must admit that I've enjoyed the snowy rambles with Kane, especially since I started bringing my camera along on our walks.

We come across interesting things on these walks, like this bit of art that I thought was just a big boulder.

I had to look very closely to see the snowflakes, and would have missed them altogether
if I hadn't just happened to see "winter" carved in it.
Or this woman hauling children over the snow. (There were two other women and more children, not shown.)

This makes me happy.
Or this bench that shows just how deep the snow is this winter.

Near Island Park Drive on the Ottawa River Pathway
And the way the snow emphasizes the shadows and shapes of things.

The entrance to the Ottawa River Pathway from Carleton Ave

And the way the sunlight hits the snow, making stars.

Click the picture to see it larger.
I'll leave you with another view of Britannia Beach, deserted and majestic in winter.

Okay, then, winter. You're beautiful and all, but it's time to shuffle off and let us remove a few layers of clothing. Right? You got that? Buh-bye!


  1. I particularly love the picture with the bridges. What an eye you have!

    1. Thank you, A. Some day, I may do something with it. Who knows?


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