Monday, May 23, 2011

Quarterly Performance Evaluation

Yes, I'm running a little late for a quarterly review of my New Year's Resolutions, so sue me. Truth is, while they have passed blissfully out of your synapses, they've been nagging at the back of my brain ever since I published them. Curses!

Here's what I wrote:
  • Stop driving the car to work so often. (Limit to once per week.)
    • Reduce $ spent on parking - more to put toward line of credit.
    • Walk at least 10 minutes a day [baby steps, people, baby steps!]
  • Set up an automatic transfer to line of credit.
  • Make a "date" with each kid for a Saturday brunch, one kid per week.
  • Go for at least one walk per week with Steve. Increase to three or more times per week over the year.

Can you believe I put those in writing? What was I thinking?

If I recall correctly, I was thinking that if I published them for the whole frigging world to see, I would be too ashamed not to keep them. Well, hah! Evidently, I am not as easily shamed as I thought.

[Not sure that's entirely a good thing.]

  1. On the first item, I totally flopped. Indeed, I bought a parking pass and stopped pretending I was a bus commuter.
  2. On the second, I succeeded! Automatic payment is set up, and I also set up a separate account for my "spending money" so I don't accidentally dip into my longer term funds.
  3. On the third, while I haven't scheduled one-on-one time with each kid, we have been enjoying weekly breakfasts out. That counts, right? No?
  4. As for the once-a-week walk with Steve ... well, how about once a month?
So, not very stellar. I think I'll give myself a "pity D," only because I really hate giving Fs as they're so demoralizing.

Conclusion: substantial room for improvement. Scratch number one off the list, but make greater effort on number four to compensate. And at least make an attempt at number three.

I think I'm on probation.

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