Saturday, May 7, 2011

Photo Class: Juxtaposition

Last fall, we left our backyard in tatters. A pool and deck had been installed, but almost every snippet of green had been stripped in the process. Steve started work on the landscaping - a monumental task because of the slope of the yard - but threw out his neck and had to call it quits.

Then the snow flew and the rain fell. Over the past couple of weekends, Steve has been puttering away again, moving 300-pound boulders to form terraces along the back of our property.
IS0/80, f/2.8, 1/400
Juxtaposition of barren and GREEN!
And look: green! In the process of digging and levelling, Steve rescued some ditch lilies. They aren't great horticultural specimens, but they are ALIVE!

I can't wait to start adding more green - and other colours - to the backyard. But it'll have to wait until I kick this cold. In the meantime, I'm using this photo as my response to the "juxtaposition" assignment for the online photography class I'm taking.

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