Saturday, May 7, 2011

Photo Class: Black and White

I've been a little tardy and am playing catch-up with the online photography class I've been taking. The challenge for this class was to convert a picture to black & white. Not every photo does well with this treatment, though some become very moody and artistic.

I've converted a few of my pictures to black and white along the way, and, in fact, some of them had such minimal colour in them that they were almost b & w anyway. But for this assignment I took one of the beach snapshots I'd taken and converted it.
f/5, ISO/100, 1/640 S
Because this picture is all about the lines and the contrast, I think it works well in black and white. I also converted this picture of Brian, leaning against Steve's shoulder. (When Brian gets bored, he gets both fidgety and floppy. We were in a restaurant waiting for our breakfast.)

ISO/200, 1/50, f/4
I think it also works, because it has good highlights and some nice darks. I also like that it captures his look of tolerance for his mother's near obsession with him. I'm like the paparazzo who just will not put away the camera and he's the tolerant celeb. The lengths he goes to for his fans.

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