Friday, November 21, 2014

Oh, Interwebs!

Wishing a thankful Thanksgiving (next week) to my American family and friends. Here are some pictures of what dinner would look like if it were plated by some famous modern artists.

Welcome to my periodic round-up of things I've found online that make me smile, cry, laugh, think, shout, or drop my jaw. 


Read this interview with Joey DeGrandis, a woman who has HSAM, Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory "a structural difference in their brain that allows them to swiftly and vividly recall their life’s events." It is both a gift and an affliction.
Today, I can go back about 20 years or so and if given a date I can tell you usually at least one thing that was happening on that day as I experienced it. Some days, I honestly don’t remember, but that’s rare and I can usually remember the day after or before. The memory will trigger images, sentiments, emotions—literally the way someone looked in a certain light or something like that.


(NSFW-ish) I first read this article more than a year ago (shared by my niece), but it's worth a re-share: Everything You Need to Know About Bras.
Ok, so, the other night I was following a rabbit trail of web links - like you do - and I ended up on this fascinating Reddit forum about bras. And when I say "fascinating," I mean I stayed up until 3 AM reading, because holy WOW how did I not know this stuff before?
Remember, ladies: scoop & swoop for the best fit!


Just when you think you've seen it all.


Anyone who has ever been interviewed for a job or has conducted interviews for hiring someone will enjoy David Thorne's spin on the hiring process. And his boss should never, never have written this to him, because David Thorne is the world's most passive-aggressive, narcissistic, possibly psychopathic asshole.
Just ask 10 fucking interview questions. I don't care what they are as long as I have a record. And add notes so you can remember who they are. 
God protect anyone who ever has to work, live, or dine with David Thorne.


Another post about Asperger Syndrome. This one talks about Susan Boyle copes with the anxiety attacks that come with Asperger's.
In an interview with Britain's Daily Mail, Boyle, 53, acknowledges, "Off stage, [my bad behavior] happens lots. It always has. But I'm getting better at dealing with it because I know what it is. If I feel I'm going to take a mood swing, I get up and leave." Boyle says that the tantrums stem from "a sense of panic, not wanting to be there." 
Here is Susan's original, stunning audition that brought her to sudden fame:


How many movies do you remember from 25 years ago? I remember watching Michael Keaton in Clean and Sober (a sleeper movie) and wondering why I had never heard of him. It wasn't even a breakout role (that would probably be his turn as Batman), but he was remarkable in the story of a man recovering from alcohol addiction. 

Since then, I've watched his career's slow steady trajectory with pleasure. This past weekend, he received the Hollywood Career Achievement honor at the Hollywood Film Awards. 

Makes me happy to see he's received recognition.


For realz, though.

Holy heck, did Buffalo ever get hit this week! But their spirits rose to the occasion.

I often want wonder if Uncle Dynamite were not my husband in an alternate universe.

This puts some things in perspective.


  1. Oh my gosh.... I was practically peeing my pants over that job interview process one. It's horrible and funny, and I kinda wanna work there. LOL
    I saw that Keaton movie Clean and Sober -- that was a good movie!! Very solid performance.


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