Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Getting Ready for Wet Weather

Eeep! Only ten days till we leave for Ireland!

Way back in January, our April trip seemed so very far away. But here we are, almost within packing distance. There were only two special items that I thought I needed to purchase before our trip - and both were Ireland-specific, because I expect the weather to be wet.

This covers the exact period we'll be in Ireland.
Source: Accuweather
You know that a region has generally grey, rainy weather when it shows a picture of the sun and says "an afternoon shower." I think the Irish may be a touch optimistic.

So I thought it would be wise to purchase a rain jacket. For my camera. (I already have a good 3-season jacket for me.) I don't much mind if I get wet, but my electronics are on shaky ground with me, so I figure I'd better treat the camera right. The salesperson at the camera store tried to sell me this:
For ONLY $150!!!

Now, if I were a professional photographer planning to specialize in waterfalls and seascapes, I might consider it. But I was looking for something more like a Ziploc baggie with an opening for the lens.
Yes! Exactly like this!
Source: Op/Tech USA Rainsleeve
It was less than $15. The salesperson was a little disappointed when I snapped it up. Must be commissioned sales.

The next item I wanted was something to keep my feet dry. My experience travelling is that if your feet are unhappy, the rest of you is unhappy. If you follow this blog (or are a Facebook friend), then you know that I recently injured my right foot. Badly. No broken bones, but lots of bruising and swelling.

About a week before that injury, I went shopping for a cute waterproof shoe or boot. Preferably a shoe. I found an adorably red zip-front shoe and decided to come back and buy a pair after payday.

Well. When I hobbled back and tried the shoe on my swollen foot, I could not pull the zip up. I have very high arches (The saleswoman said they were more like ski slopes -- no lie.), and the zipper barely made it up before my injury. After the iPad attack, it was futile.

Slip-on rainboots were also out of the question.

Then I remembered a pair of really adorable Doc Martens I saw over Easter.
Can you even BELIEVE how adorable these are?
Unfortunately, they are not available anywhere in Ottawa. I looked. I did find a pair of their pink high-tops.
Also very adorable.
Unfortunately, the vamp did not open wide enough to accept my badly beaned foot. I returned home disappointed. So it looks like my good old Chuck Taylors are going to accompany me on this trip.

See how far down the vamp they unlace? Perfect!
They aren't waterproof - at least not yet. I may Scotchgard them just for a little extra water resistance. But they do have thick soles and are supremely comfortable for me. (As with most of my shoes, I put arch supports in them.)

And I may bring some Ziploc baggies for my feet.

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