Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cake Wreck

I haven't made fudge since I was a newlywed. It didn't work. I don't have the patience to boil the sugar, cream, and butter to the right temperature, so my fudges always turn out more like puddings.  Well, that changed tonight when I accidentally made fudge when I was trying to make frosting for Katie's birthday cake.

The picture above is what happened when I placed a dollop of the "frosting" on top of the cake. It almost instantly solidified.

It cracked the cake.
(The goo is black currant jam.)
In the time it took me to grab a spatula, the glob of goo turned into a mass of solid sugar.

There was NO budging that stuff.
Fortunately my family is one that laughs at mishaps such as these. So we plugged the candles into the fringe of cake surrounding the "frosting" and sang Happy Birthday off-key.

We didn't have 25 candles, so she blew out 12 1/2 candles, twice.
By the time we were ready to slice the cake, the fudge was so hard it couldn't be sliced. I guess I went beyond "soft ball" stage right to "hard ball." It sure looked odd, but it tasted delicious!


  1. Is that the "seven minute frosting"? Looks like perhaps you cooked it a lot longer than 7 minutes... ;)
    I've tried fudge multiple times, never successfully, but I have also made accidental fudge before as well.

  2. No, this was supposed to be "caramel" fudge. I was supposed to whip it as it cooled, but it got too thick, so I plopped it on the cake, hoping it would ooze gracefully. Instead, it turned hard.

    I've never had this happen with the 7-minute frosting. The worst I've done there is to not whip it enough so the peaks fall flat. But it still worked as a frosting and tasted delicious.


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