Sunday, October 14, 2012

Shoe Motherlode

I am a girly-girl. As such, I have a thing for shoes. (You may recall my joy when I finally found my trove of work shoes after our big move.) Well, lately I've been thinking that my shoes are a little on the dowdy side.

While my workplace officially has a "business casual" dress code, the women there take their footwear pretty seriously. Many of my old stand-bys were serviceable, but getting dowdy. Plus, I have a wedding tonight and thought some dressy pumps were in order. So, while I was at the mall today, I stopped by a shoe store.

There, at the back wall, was a display of samples. I had forgotten all about sample shoes. They come only in size six, and my feet are - you guessed it! - size six.

The downside is, of course, that there is never much selection. Well. It was my lucky day.

These are the shoes for tonight. They are astonishingly comfortable, thanks, in part, to that elastic strip and a very moderate heel.
These are new office shoes. Don't you love the detail on the toe?
And the combination of black and red-brown makes them go with almost anything.
And a pair of dressy low heels for with slacks.
The salesgirl insisted that the first pair of shoes there (the ones with the bow) retail for about $500, and the others in the neighbourhood of $300. I found no proof of that, but since I paid under $100 each, I feel pretty good.

I'm doing a little Happy Feet dance!

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  1. Love the shoes. Yes, it is a challenge to get comfortable yet classy shoes. You did very well!


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