Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pain. Not good.

A friend of mine, who has had worse and more frequent migraines than I ever have, once told me of waiting in an emergency room and gazing at the locked cabinet of medicine and suddenly empathizing with desperate addicts who would do anything to break through that glass.

As my own migraines have increased in frequency (now about once a week) and severity, I've gained a greater appreciation for her sentiment.

When the pain is in your head, there is a desperation that takes hold.

First, I tried simply to relax. Then I took my prescription relief - to no avail. Then I tried falling asleep - also to no avail. I double-layered the sleep mask. No help. I played a relaxation tape. (Tempted as I was, I did NOT throw it across the room.) I took a couple of Ibuprofen (with doctor's permission).

Then I had a glass of wine.

I can't say that this is recommended advice. But, though it didn't really help the migraine, I'm not as miserable as I was an hour ago. So, um, that's an improvement, right? (What could possibly go wrong?)

Every time I get one, I think, "Oh, not now!" That old chant, "Rain, rain, go away! Come again another day!"  Stupid migraine.

Today, I'm about to board a train for a business trip to Montreal. I love Montreal and I especially love taking the train. I am not a fan of doing so while my head is pounding.

Migraine, migraine, go away. Don't come back on any day.


  1. So, it occurred to me last year - it takes my time to work things out! - that facemasks for migraine sufferers must have improved in the last three decades. And I ended up buying, online, Mindfold. It looked cheesy when I got it out of its package, but it's fantastic. Truly. Really keeps out the dark if you have the strap right but, more importantly, nothing touches your eyes.

    That bulgy painful eye feeling you get with a migraine? Like they're swollen and you'd be much better with them just ripped out of your head? The partial dread of an eye mask because the mask inevitably touches the pained eyes is not something I have to worry about anymore. Best migraine improvement since Zomig came along.

  2. Ah, thanks for the reminder. while I was moaning, I was thinking that you had mentioned a special eye mask, but couldn't get my mind to go through my messages and e-mails . . . Will definitely order one.


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