Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Winning the Hair Wars, Part 3

Part 1 is here.
Part 2 is here.
When you have wussy hair like mine,
you dread your hair betraying you like hers has done.
She's obviously a pretty woman, but her hair has clearly melted in the summer humidity. Her bangs lie lifeless on her forehead. And I'm willing to bet those curls used to be ringlets (of the sort my hairstylist gave me), but they have drooped.

I know this because that is what happens to me. You can tell she has fine, straight hair by looking at the tiny hairs near her ears: they are not curling.

With hair like ours, there is not enough mousse and hairspray in the world to defy moisture. However, the curler trick I've started using has proven to be considerably longer-lasting than heat-formed curls plus hairspray.

Yesterday, for example, I went golfing with some friends. It was HUMID. Hyooooooo-mid: 96% humidity!  It did rain, eventually, but before then, my hair did this:
About an hour into our game, in 96% humidity.
Still not bad, is it? That straight segment is one curl that had not dried overnight and gives you some idea of what my hair would look like without any curl. By the end of the day, I had loose curls, but it still wasn't as limp as the gal's in the picture up top.

Today the humidity was only a bearable 56%.
Left: this morning before leaving for work. As my friend K.B. says, "How do people not want to touch your hair?"
Right: just before leaving work this afternoon.
Not bad, eh? And I even went for a walk at lunchtime, so it was exposed to more humidity than an office building would usually provide. I would also like to add that it doesn't look or feel at all greasy, though I have not washed it since Sunday.

And did I mention how long it takes to style this? About three minutes, including carefully tying the ribbon. It takes less if I use a hair clip or just wrap the ponytail with a segment of hair.

Rather than posting another clip about other hairstyles I've tried, I'll simply link to my Pinterest board, which provides lots of suggestions that I've either tried or want to try.
The large picture shows the famous "sock bun."

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