Saturday, October 29, 2011

Let them eat cake!

And so we did.

Today, Jen and John from Cake Wrecks, that hilarious blog, visited Ottawa on their "Winter Underlined" book tour for their latest book:
In the lower-right corner the flash reads,
"When Prefessional Holiday Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong."
Yes, they had a typo on the cover of the book.
The publisher tried to cover it with a sticker.
I peeled my sticker off IMMEDIATELY because
I knew there was ironic goodness Under Neat That.
Emily and her friend came with me to the event. First there was the pre-show slide show. Emily and her friend aren't followers of the blog, so they hadn't seen most of the cake disasters, and there are some really side-splitting ones. (I learned today that one of their fans actually laughed so hard that he passed out.) Jen and john (who spells his name with a lower-case J) could almost be stand-up comedians, they have such fun banter and good timing.

There was, of course, the wreck-plica contest (they'll post pictures later), but I forgot my camera, so all I got were a few cell-phone pictures.
Such a cute couple. They smiled at me.
(I don't get out much.)
And one of my friends also showed up. She brought a real camera, and I accidentally photobombed her picture. Sorry, Aliza.

My parking meter expired so I didn't have time to get my purchases signed. [pout!] But it was a fun afternoon nevertheless.

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  1. Yay you! I have spent much time laughing really hard at the wrecks, or actually at the wreck descriptions. I'm glad you got to go.


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