Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just Another Caturday

If you are a cat hater, I don't want to hear about it. Just plug your ears and hum lalalalala and I won't bother you.

For the rest of you, here is what a typical Saturday looks like at our house.
Stephen does the New York Times crossword, and Elly "helps."
"Try 'mandible'," she purrs.
During lulls in the crossword, Elly nuzzles close to Steve's chest.
"Just nudge me if you get stuck," she sighs.

When she is very contented, Elly shoves her nose deep into Steve's armpit
to get a nostril full of his ultra-manly scent. She thinks she is a dog.

"Please never shower again," she meows.


  1. Why do cats love men's armpits? Rico goes goofy when rubbing on Jason's armpit, or even the armpit of a worn shirt. It kinda grosses me out!

  2. This is the first cat we've had that has done that ... but both Rico and Elly think they are dogs, right? Elly's favourite thing is stinky shoes. It's kind of embarrassing when we have guests over. She sticks her whole head into the shoes.

  3. Yes, Rico thinks he's a dog. He does love shoes, too. Destroyed a pair or mine. Hopefully Elly doesn't do to your guest's shoes what one of our former cats, Tess, used to do- stick her head in the shoe then pull it out with her mouth open and tongue hanging out like, "ew, that's stinky!"


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