Sunday, August 21, 2011

In the Mood and Bored

I found a couple of beautiful things online this weekend.
Original artwork, for sale on Etsy

I love glass art. This also was for sale on Etsy, but has now sold.
I pinned them to my Pinterest board, and then started thinking that they would make a great leaping-off point for a living room decor.

We've had the same living room furniture and colours for about nine years. I quite liked them, but am growing tired of the red-green-gold plaid and oversized chairs. I'm ready for a change, but there is absolutely no budget for that. So I decided to fantasize.

I learned a new expression this year: mood board. It refers to the collection of colours and ideas that interior decorators put together for their clients. I first saw them on Young House Love, a great blog for people interested in interior design.

Anyway, I put together a couple of mood boards using these two blue-and-gold items. Here they are.
A relatively formal space, with emphasis on the gold.
The wall colour would be the blue-grey in the background.
The accent colour (gold) would go on the wall over the fireplace,
behind the painting.
I was thinking of this as a more relaxed space, but I don't think it is, really.
The walls would be in the linen colour, with the accent blue going
behind the painting over the fireplace.
As I said, this isn't actually going to happen, but it's fun to fantasize. The Internet is such a great source for window shopping! This could become a habit.

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  1. I think I like the second one better -blue & grey rather than blue & gold.


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