Sunday, August 7, 2011

Division of Labour

In our house, Steve does the grocery shopping. There are three reasons for this:

  1. He is awake and at the store before most of the crowds, whereas I am usually asleep and snoring long after said crowds have hit the linoleum.
  2. He buys what's on the list, and only what's on the list, whereas I consider the list to be a starting point.
  3. I strongly dislike grocery shopping. 

The second point is the biggie. He saves us a lot of money, and we've known this for a while. Today, I proved it.

Steve and Brian have been out camping all week. When they get back this afternoon, I'm pretty sure Steve will want to shower and unpack and put all his crap away. At least, that's what I want him to do.

So this morning, despite my loathing of our dimly lit food emporium (they're saving energy, y'all), I popped out to the grocery store to stock up on the essentials -- milk, cat food, brown sugar, soap.
Yup, got them all. (Pop is so an essential.)
But while I was there, I ran across a few other things.
There's a tub of chocolate-chip cookies hiding behind the corn.

  • Chips
  • Pistachios
  • A long butane lighter (have been needing one of those for a while now)
  • Cottage cheese (lasagne this week?)
  • Cherries (holy hell, those things are expensive! But did you know they are also soporific*? Apparently, they have melatonin, which makes them a good bedtime snack.)
  • Cat toys - Elly's favourite kind, because I love her and she keeps losing them.
  • Crusty, fresh bread
  • Corn on the cob
  • Cookies
  • An extra thing of hand soap because I hate going all the way to the washroom to get the soap to refill the kitchen dispenser (lazy).
  • A brown sugar softener - this is something I didn't know existed, but which I need!

Here's the damage.

Total bill: $117.13
Amount not on list: $58.49
Amt should have been: $58.64

So, I pretty much doubled our grocery bill. It occurs to me that I could probably quit my job if I just promised never to go shopping again. But then ...
Where would we be without cherries?
*Here is the explanation for soporific. (I've never used "lettuce" in the plural form, myself.)

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