Monday, August 8, 2011

He Says, She Says

Our 45-year-old house has crappy ventilation, which is especially noteworthy in summer, when all the nicely cooled air settles on the main floor and basement, and our bedroom becomes a sauna.

We've tried various things to remedy this:

  • New air conditioner
  • Dehumidifier
  • Ventilation fan on at all times
  • New roof and an extra attic vent
  • Blocked off most of the ducts in the rooms that don't get too hot
  • Installed a fan in the ductwork that leads to our bedroom
And STILL I was a puddle of sweat every night. 

So today after work, I stopped at Home Depot and bought this.
Steve and I lay down on the bed as the air wafted gently over our sweaty bodies. 

"Thank you for buying the fan," Steve said.

"Thank you for installing it right away,' I murmured.

"Yay! We can have sex again!" Steve quipped.

I paused and enjoyed the cool air.  I sighed. 

"Yay!" I said, "We may never need to have sex again!"

(It's our anniversary 27b on Thursday.)

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