Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You're Hot, then You're Cold!

Aside from its tendency to freeze up from time to time, I have another bone to pick with our shower. It's temperature-adjustment knob is just not user-friendly. Allow me to illustrate.

While it has a wide range of movement, there is only a very tiny wedge where the hot and cold water merge in perfect harmony. To make matters worse, it's not so much a dial, which would turn smoothly, as it is a ratchet, which hops from one position to another whimsically, while I stand shivering on the tile floor.

With persistence, however, it does eventually reach a satisfactory temperature. Then comes the getting out.

My problem here is not unique to this shower; I experience it with every shower: I hate stepping out of the warm, humid cocoon of the shower into the cold, drafty bathroom. Again, allow me to illustrate.

Steve has often said that he finds this transition "bracing" and that it wakes him up in the morning. (Is this how self-flagellating monks feel?)

I, however, have gone so far as to bring in a portable heater. But what this bathroom really needs is a heated ceramic floor, and a towel warmer. And possibly a heat lamp. Ah, can't wait for summer ...


  1. Bracing? Bracing? What kind of person needs bracing in the morning? In a Bloody Mary, maybe. This is why I never get out of bed.

  2. Haha! Bloody Mary for breakfast! Why not? I'll go for a mimosa ...


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