Monday, January 31, 2011

Feeling the Chill

On the same day that I posted this picture of the magical frost patterns on Brian's window:

I snapped, but did not post this picture:
Because, really, it's kinda gross. That's standing water and soap scum. And, of course, it happened just before Steve flew out to the Northwest Territories for several days. Before he left, he disconnected the vent/fan in the main floor powder room which is just below the bathtub, but that didn't fix the problem.

I called a plumber, but the soonest he could get to us was several days later after, coincidentally, the temperatures rose from -30C to a gentle -10C. The plumber showed up, augured the drain and had things working in no time a-tall.

Then the temperature dropped again and - lo and behold - the tub plugged up again. So tonight, Steve got serious and ripped that powder room a new one. Hole, that is. So now we have this:
After cutting the new hole (the one on the left, where the U-trap is), Steve swept up all the mess and, before he knew it, he heard water draining from the tub. The long-term solution will involve insulating the U-trap and patching the ceiling.  Without a vent, thank you very much - the room has a functioning window and does not have a shower or anything to produce humidity.

Since we're in the powder room anyway, I figure I might as well show you some "glam shots," so here you go:
You may have to click the picture to enlarge it, but the faucet is really quite beautiful.

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  1. Any time you need me to rip apart a wall or ceiling...


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