Saturday, February 19, 2011

Learning Curve

This one is "straight out of the camera."
Well, I finally picked up my pictures from the photo store. It's so weird, this waiting to see how the camera interpreted what you thought you were doing.
As expected, the results were not entirely excellent. I'd say I liked four or five of the 24 exposures. All of my outdoor shots were overexposed, so the crystalline snow lost its texture. And even with the ones I liked, I did some digital work at Picnik. (I had the negs scanned to a CD at the time I had them developed.)

So, now - the moment you've all been waiting for - the big reveal! These are all photos taken during our romantic weekend away at Les Trois Erables in Wakefield, Quebec.

First up: St. Francis of Assisi.
Here he is, straight out of the camera.
I like the shallow depth of field and the composition.
And here he is in sepia tone, with a slim black border.
I think I like him better this way.
Next, the angel at the foot of the stairs.
I added a vignette, a frame and coloration.
I think I might use the "after" image for a Christmas card
(though I might get rid of the border).
One of the details from our bedroom that I quite liked.

Aren't those little crystal drops just beautiful?
This is the kind of detail that I just couldn't capture
with my current digital camera.
And, last, the thing I like MOST about the weekend.

I still can't afford the digital camera that I would like, but I'm continuing to learn on the old-fashioned SLR in the meantime.

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  1. The weekend was wonderful! And your pix turned out well. Next up has to be a digital SLR.


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