Sunday, June 6, 2010

What goes on at 4 in the morning?

Answer: generally, not much.

However, the night before last, there was a murder in my backyard. Yep, you read correctly: a murder went down in my backyard. And last night there was another attempted murder. I know because I just happened to be awake (yeah insomnia) and heard all the ruckus. Plus, Peter has discovered the body: a dead baby bird. Not, um, recently dead, but beginning to turn into the dust from which it came. Not being an ornithologist, I can't tell you what kind of bird it was.

At about 4:00 both mornings, as I tossed and turned, willing myself to fall asleep before the sun rose, I was serenaded by increasingly alarmed chirps. Man, those birds are LOUD when someone tries to turn their babies into breakfast! There is no sleeping through that, let me tell you.

Being the selfish person I am, and also believing that, hey, raptors gotta eat too, I kind of hope that's the last of the babies in the nest, so I won't have to listen to the dreadful terror of the bird-mamma again tonight. I just want a good night's sleep.

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  1. oh no! we had a similar mass murder in our backyard a few years ago, only, my dogs were the murderers. I felt so bad. The poor mama and papa quail were looking for their babies for hours! I couldn't believe the loyalty.

    Thanks for you comment on my blog...yes it will take time. I will try to be gentle on myself. thanks for the needed reminder! :)


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